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Faculty of Mathematics


PhD studentships

We invite applications for PhD studentships at the Cantab Capital Institute for Mathematics of Information based at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Cambridge.

The advance of data science and the solution of big data questions heavily relies on fundamental mathematical techniques and in particular, their intra-disciplinary engagement. This will be at the heart of the Cantab Mathematics of Information Institute which involves mathematical expertise ranging from statistics, applied & computational analysis, to topology and discrete geometry - all with the common goal of advancing data science questions.

On the other hand, specific questions that feed into fundamental methodology development will arise naturally in applications we will be focusing on in interdisciplinary engagements with, for instance, economists and social scientists on questions about financial markets and the internet, with physicists and engineers on software and hardware development questions in the context of security, imaging and structured data processing, as well as biomedical scientists on data science in healthcare and biology.

This will be realised by key mathematical expertise represented in the institute including statistics, analysis, inverse problems, convex analysis, stochastic and sparse optimisation, stochastic analysis and probability, sparsity, compressed sensing, sampling theory, approximation theory, random matrices, harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, functional analysis, quantum computation, discrete geometry, topology and graph theory.

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Note the projects listed on the website are by no means the only PhD project options available within the CCIMI but are intended to give a flavour of the types of work the institute is currently involved in. The CCIMI intends to accommodate a variety of Big Data and Mathematics of Information focused projects, and welcomes applications focused on new projects. Prospective students are encouraged to look into the CCIMI faculty members and their work, and discuss areas of interest with potential supervisors to find or propose PhD projects in the field of Maths of Information.


Prospective PhD students in Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) or Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS), including Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA) to start in October 2017. The academic requirements are the same as for the relevant programme. For further details on how to apply for these programmes see the relevant entry in the University Graduate Admissions Course Directory:


  • Fully funded PhD Studentships to include University Composition Fees and maintenance for the duration of your course to RCUK minimum level.
  • The scheme is open to nationals from all countries.

Route for application

Further particulars

  • For selected PhD students there will be the possibility of spending some time of their studies at Cantab Capital Partners.


  • Those applying to DPMMS must submit their application by midnight 31st December 2016, and their expression of interest by midnight 15th January 2017.
  • All other applications and expressions of interest must be received by midnight 15th January 2017.

Please contact in the first instance for any enquiries about the applications process.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.  The date for interviews will be communicated once shortlisting has taken place.