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Underground Mathematics is a new initiative, funded by a grant from the DfE, which aims to enhance advanced post-16 mathematics education. 

The project aims to provide innovative resources to help support and inspire teachers and students of A-level mathematics and similar qualifications. The aim is to help to make post-16 mathematics a rich, coherent and stimulating experience for students and teachers. 

Underground Mathematics started in 2012 as the Cambridge Mathematics Education Project (CMEP).

Underground Mathematics aims to:

  1.  Identify the main themes and big ideas that permeate pre-university mathematics and lead into further study and industry.
  2.  Consider how sixth-form mathematics can inspire and benefit students moving from school into university and the work-place beyond.
  3.  Create innovative and carefully constructed materials around the themes and big ideas.
  4.  Consider the most effective ways of helping students to understand the mathematics.
  5.  Ensure that the materials are engaging and accessible to a wide range of students and teachers.
  6.  Provide support to mathematics teachers to help them to use the materials effectively.

Throughout the project we are carefully considering both the learning needs of the students and the associated issues facing the teachers. We are working closely with teachers from a range of different schools throughout the development process to gain formative feedback and input. 

CPD Opportunity

MEI are running a series of CPD courses entitled Underground Mathematics: Resources to address the requirements of the new A level. These courses are designed to maximise the impact of our resources in the classroom, and are free of charge to A-level Mathematics teachers from state-funded schools and colleges in England.

More information can be found on the MEI website.

Terms and conditions for the course can be found here. The previous terms and conditions for the course (prior to June 2017) can be found here.

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You may also be interested in Isaac Physics, which is also supported by the Department for Education.

Contact details 

Underground Mathematics

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University of Cambridge

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Phone: 01223 766857 (international +44 1223 766857)