Questions and Answers concerning Part II CATAM projects

Here are some questions and answers which the CATAM Helpline,, has been asked about particular Part II projects. Please read these before you submit your own question to the Helpline, in case your question has already been answered. Follow the links below to see the answers given (slightly edited in some cases). You will be taken to a page of questions and answers on the group of projects with that topic. To return to this page use the back to full contents link. For some projects there are no questions or answers yet.

General Queries
Section 1: Numerical Methods
Section 2: Waves
Section 3: Fluid and Solid Mechanics
Section 4: Dynamics
Section 5: Quantum Mechanics
Section 6: Electromagnetism
Section 7: Mathematical Methods
Section 9: Dynamic Programming
Section 10: Statistics
Section 11: Statistical Physics
Section 12: Nonlinear Dynamics & Dynamical Systems
Section 14: General Relativity
Section 15: Number Theory
Section 16: Algebra
Section 17: Combinatorics
Section 19: Communication Theory
Section 20: Probability
Section 23: Astrophysics

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