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Faculty of Mathematics


There are many ways of giving feedback about the Maths Tripos; we encourage your feedback on all Faculty matters. Whilst the Faculty is responsible for lectures, exams and the syllabus, individual colleges are responsible for providing supervisions.

Continuous feedback on the Tripos

Student Reps

You can email us at about almost anything, and we may be able to raise it informally, or in the relevant committee. We are particularly interested in receiving your views on future Tripos arrangements: whether there should be lectures on Saturdays, whether the exam timetable should be changed, whether CATAM should be altered, etc.


You can consult the official CATAM helpline,


However, if you have a serious or urgent problem, you can email someone in the Faculty at Your problem will be dealt with in confidence, and you can expect a rapid response.


Undergraduate supervisions are organized by individual colleges. Your DoS should be able to deal with problems concerning supervisions. Another possible point of contact is your Tutor.


At the end of each course

Each lecturer should hand out a questionnaire towards the end of each course, give you 5 minutes of lecture time to fill it in, and then collect them; otherwise, you can return it to the Faculty Office (room B1.29, Pavilion B, CMS). The questionnaires are analysed by the Teaching Committee at the end of the year.

At the end of each year

An email questionnaire is also sent out at the end of each year; these questionnaires are analysed by the Teaching Committee (see our page on the role of the student reps for details). The end of year questionnaire provides the Faculty with further information such as comparisons between courses, comments on the exams, and views from those who didn't finish a lecture course, not obtainable in the end of course questionnaires.