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Faculty of Mathematics


Differential geometry and topology concerns the study of the shapes of spaces, in particular manifolds, and the study of calculus on manifolds. There are deep connections to both algebra (e.g. via geometric group theory) and algebraic geometry (e.g. via the study of complex manifolds). The Michaelmas term courses in Algebraic Topology and Differential Geometry are foundational and will be prerequisite for most avenues of further study.   

Title Examinable Term Number of Lectures
Algebraic Topology Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Differential Geometry Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Introduction to Geometric Group Theory Part III Examinable Michaelmas 16
Categorified Knot Invariants Graduate Non-Examinable Michaelmas 24
Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups Graduate Non-Examinable Michaelmas 16
Loop Spaces Graduate Non-Examinable Michaelmas 16
Symplectic Topology Part III Examinable Lent 24
Complex Manifolds Part III Examinable Lent 24
3-Manifolds Part III Examinable Lent 24
The Topology of Graphs Graduate Non-Examinable Lent 16
Topics in Floer Theory Graduate Non-Examinable Lent 16
Characteristic Classes and K-theory Part III Examinable Lent Reading course


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