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Faculty of Mathematics


Every year, over two hundred of the world's best young mathematicians come to Cambridge to study for a taught master's degree. The training we offer here has therefore a major impact on the shape of mathematics in the world, and on how mathematics interacts with other branches of mathematics and industry.

We recognise the need for highly trained mathematicians who relish engaging with other sciences and technology. Responding to this need, the Cambridge mathematics departments have developed a full training programme relating mathematics and challenges of science and engineering. As a centrepiece in this programme, the Post Masters Placement scheme provides opportunities for Master's students to get experience outside their field in the summer following their Master's studies.

The Post Masters Placements are short term placements not intended as a lead in to permanent employment. The goals of the program are twofold: first, to expose young mathematicians to the ways mathematics interacts with broad range of disciplines and industries; and second, to offer groups interested in applying maths in their work the chance to see what students trained in maths have to offer them. For more information on PMP, see our poster from the Mathematics and Big Data Showcase.

Below on this page, you can see some examples of work done by past students in the program. You can use the menu to your left to register your interest in applying for a placement and to view this year's project proposals.

Those returning to academia have a particularly important role to play in disseminating the ethos that all of mathematics can benefit from direct interaction with fields beyond mathematics: such interaction is an integral part of the job.

Further update 8/3/2017

The deadline for bursary applications has been extended to 31 March 2017.

Examples of Past Projects