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Bati Sengul

Bati Sengul

Originally from:

Istanbul, Turkey.

Academic background:

  • Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III), University of Cambridge, 2010
  • 1st Class BSc with Honours in Mathematics, University of Bath, 2009

Areas of interest

My current work is on coalescent processes with my supervisor Nathanael Berestycki. It involves a mix of discrete and continuous techniques, such as viewing coalescent processes as a bunch of excursions of a Brownian motion.

I am also interested in percolation and random graphs. There are many cute problems that arise from these fields that are interesting to answer.

My office mates and I, Spencer Hughes and Kostas Papafitsoros, have a blog called Blame it on the Analyst about mathematics, catering for all abilities. I also have a personal website where I keep some materials and writings.


K. Papafitsoros, B. Sengul and C.-B. Schoenlieb, Combined first and second order total variation inpainting using split Bregman (preprint 2012, 25 pages, pdf), to be submitted to Image Processing Online.


Personal web-page